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Lemon Bog WIP by hobfrog07
Lemon Bog WIP
I don't like submitting WIPs, but I haven't posted art here in a while. Message me if you want details on this OC!


1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 fact about themselves.
3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. 
4. Tag people 
  5. You MUST make a journal entry!

10 facts about me!

1. I have a reputation for being oblivious- apparently it's obvious that a layer of paper cannot stop hot glue from burning your arms (luckily the arm-things from my Terra cosplay that I was trying to glue trim to covered up the burns haha).

2. I really enjoy giant robot anime. I have no idea why. I started watching Gundam as a joke last year, but now I own two Gunplas and I've watched the entirety of Wing and part of the original. I thought it would be stupid, but man is it entertaining to watch those giant robots beat each other up.

3. I like peeling potatoes. I can do it quickly.

4. I want to collect taxidermy insects, but those things are way too expensive. I only have one dead butterfly so far.

5. I'm working on developing a game in Blender and Unity right now. It'll be about 20% done by the end of the summer. I haven't posted any progress shots on here, but I have a funny (as in purposely improperly skinned and half-finished) inverse kinematics test on my Tumblr. As for real progress shots, here's some pictures of one of the models: tumblr nnn29uP6Wn1s600m0o1 1280 by hobfrog07tumblr nqfm3wf5Xj1s600m0o1 500 by hobfrog07Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.48.39 PM by hobfrog07tumblr nnc8v6dBix1s600m0o1 500 by hobfrog07Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.47.08 PM by hobfrog07Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 8.57.42 PM by hobfrog07
6. I'm going to major in computer science when I get into college about a year from now.

7. I had a job at a Halloween store last October. It was fun to give people advice on costuming and making macabre lawn decorations.
8. My favorite kind of tea is caramel chai, followed closely by the Thin Mint flavored kind. It's like drinking a caffeinated cookie. I didn't know I needed that in my life until I discovered that it was real.

9. I like reading about quantum physics. Did you know that there are at least five other spacial dimensions that exist on a sub-Planck length level, curled into Calabi-Yau spaces? This stuff is fascinating. I can't really talk about it though, because whenever I bring up string theory around my friend (who is pretty much the only person outside my family who I talk to regularly), she starts groaning.

10. The summer is a weird time for me. When school isn't in session, I wake up at five in the morning, work on whatever I'm working on for nine hours until I inevitably get a headache, realize that I haven't eaten anything all day, eat something, keep working on whatever I'm doing until dinner, then resume the project until Midnight. Seriously. When there's a break, I live off of nothing but strong tea and determination. It's probably not a good cycle, but I get to go ahead with the extreme productivity I don't have time for during the school year.

10 questions for me!

1. What logo would you get as a tattoo?
None. I'm never going to get a tattoo. Those things are permanent and I would prefer not to willingly get stabbed hundreds of times by a dubiously antiseptic needle.
2. A food you enjoy that most others do not?
Oh man, there is a long list. Almost everyone I know disapproves of my tastes. Soybean and strawberry jelly sandwiches, circus peanuts, cucumbers with tomato sauce and duck sauce, cheese, spicy mustard, and peanut butter sandwiches...
3. Favorite foreign accent?
I don't really know, but Fran's Vierra accent in FFXII is fun to imitate.

4. Artist on Deviantart that you'd like to meet in real life?
I haven't been active on this site in at least three probably the person who tagged me, WhiteSpyVictory. You still seem really cool, I apologize for acting so obnoxious on here when I was thirteen. SpectralJin would also be cool to meet. Legacy of Kain is my favorite video game series, and his designs really give it a great atmosphere.
5. Comics or cartoons? (Both?)
Both are good. I don't really have the time to watch cartoons, so probably comics.
6. Favorite pair of pants?
This pair of black leggings I have. They're comfortable.

7. Hot or cold drinks?
Hot drinks. Hot tea is a staple in my life.

8. Moment you realized you wanted to be an artist? 
I've never seriously considered art as a career choice. I do art because I like art. I don't know when I started, because both of my parents are artists and they probably started me on art-related activities at a really young age.
9. Do you live in your mind or in reality?
More in my mind, I guess. It would be better if I didn't because ideas don't seem to leave my mind and get turned into reality as often as they should. This is what extreme productivity school breaks are good for. Actually DOING things.
10. Four words to describe yourself?
There's no way this isn't going to seem arrogant, ahaha...
Intelligent, ambitious, creative, and (I'd like to think) useful.

10 questions for you!

1. Favorite video game?
2. A situation you would never want to end up in?
3. Most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?
4. Weirdest animal you know of?
5. A dead person you would want to meet?
6. If you could visit anything in space without being killed by it, what where would you go?
7. Favorite cracky video on Youtube?
8. Any goals?
9. Pre-revolution French monarch you can relate to the most?
10. Describe the worst amusement park ride possible?

I tag:

Anyone who wants to do it. Again, haven't been on here in ages.


United States

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